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All For Show

(Trope Series # 1) Cerise’s younger sister is getting married and she’s expected to attend. The logical thing to do was to attend (duh, it’s her sister’s wedding! It would be weird if she’s not there) but how could she attend when her sister’s getting married to Leo, her ex best friend slash almost boyfriend from years ago? And it’s not like she could just suddenly blurt out their ‘history’ because she’s pretty sure that she’d be branded as bitter by their relatives… like, it’s been years! Move on!

She needed to attend. But she didn’t want to go alone. She needed an arm candy, but not just any arm candy-she needed someone who would make her the envy of the night. Iyong tipo na walang magdadalawang isip kung nakapagmove on na ba talaga siya.

She looked and looked and looked for the perfect wedding date. Until she wound up in a bar and met this bartender named Pablo.

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The Secrets That We Keep

(Trope Series # 2) Lilo’s parents didn’t approve of her studying in Manila, but she’s dreamed about this for as long as she can remember. She wanted to have the perfect college experience and one thing for that to happen is for her to study in Brent. One condition—she needs to stay with her brother in their house so that he could keep his eyes on her… or so their parents thought. She’s good with that. Whatever will make them agree for her to go study in Manila.

One problem only—her brother’s best friend is apparently living there, too.

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Behind Every Man

Nadia de Marco knew what she wanted in life and that is to be the most powerful woman in the country. Growing up in the Philippines, she knew that it would be an uphill climb. There is misogyny everywhere, but instead of fighting it, she decided to use it to her advantage. That is probably the upside of being undermined, being almost invisible–people will never see you coming. While she was watching everyone’s moves, no one was watching hers.

Things were going according to plan until Avery Brienne Eliseo came into the picture.

Suddenly, she got an enemy. And unlike Avery who has her cousin by her side, she has no one.

And she needs to have someone.

She’s been looking for so long until she found Archibald Reign Gallego–the perfect partner in crime… or so she thought.

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Always Yours

(Yours Series # 5)

Graciella Rae Arevalo just wants to love and be loved. She feels like she has a lot of love to give and she just wants her own person to love. Mayroon na kasing mga boyfriend at girlfriend iyong mga tao sa paligid niya. She doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. She wants her own person to love and to spoil. Ang problema, parang ayaw naman sa kanya ng pag-ibig. She has been told to just wait for it because it will eventually come to her. And she wants to, ang kaso, she’s always surrounded by death that she feels like she’s always running out of time.

Ilang blind date na ang napuntahan niya. She always tries to find the good in the person in front of her, but for some reason, walang spark. Ayaw niya naman na i-sacrifice iyon. Alam niya na nag-eexist iyon. She’s seen it. She just needs to look harder.

Pero baka tama nga sila… na kapag hindi mo hinahanap, saka doon dadating.

Because apparently, she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places when all along, he’s always been right in front of her.

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Hate The Game

(Game Series # 9)

Adriadna Deanne Manjarrez, NBSB, promised herself na kapag pumasok na siya sa law school ay magkakaroon na siya ng boyfriend. Sabi ng parents niya, kusang lalapit ang lalaki sa kanya basta mag-aral lang siya nang mabuti. Kalokohan. Naka-graduate na siya at lahat pero wala namang lalaking luma-lapit. So, she made a promise na pagpasok niya ng law school ay maghahanap agad siya ng boyfriend.

She wanted someone na gwapo dahil naniniwala siya na kung masasaktan na lang din siya, sa gwapo na. And after a while, she finally decided to chase after Rhys Arevalo-gwapo, mukhang mabango, at top 1 sa batch nila. She wanted him to be her first boyfriend… kaso hindi siya mapansin nito. Sino ba naman siya? Ni hindi nga siya kasama sa top 10 ng batch nila. At ang balita ay type nito ‘yung matatalino.

Ginawa niya na lahat, pero walang umeepekto… until she decided to befriend his best friend Samuel Hayes Fortalejo.

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End The Game

(Game Series # 3)

Avery Brienne Eliseo never wanted the ‘normal’ life. Ever since she was born, she already knew that the life she’d lead would be far from what’s normal… until her stupid cousin decided to ‘protect’ her by giving her a new life. But she wasn’t stupid. She knew that one day, she’d have to go back to save his ass.

She needed to make friends–powerful friends. She needed people who would be of help when she needs protection. And where would she find powerful friends? In law school. The students there are the future presidents, senators, and congressmen of the country. She needed to be friends with powerful people…

And when she met Maven de Marco and learned that he’s the most powerful one? She’s determined to make him hers.

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Eyes On Me, Baby

Karaminah Viel Trajano has always been told that she’s… peculiar. She just doesn’t like the things that girls her age are expected to like. But she loves writing… that’s probably the only normal thing about her. Problem is, her parents do not support her ‘career’ of choice. For them, it’s nothing more than a hobby. It’s either she follows their steps and become a lawyer or become a lawyer.

She chose neither.

Now, she’s forced to work to make a living. But she’s not really made for work. Given the choice, she’d spend the day daydreaming about her scripts and characters. Fortunately, someone offered her a job… Madali lang naman daw ito. Magiging ‘manager’ daw siya ng basketball team. She agreed… After all, how hard could it be to manage a bunch of boys who spend their days running back and forth on a wooden ground… right?

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Hi! Thank you for visiting the site! I hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for here. I have been writing for more than ten years now, and it has always been my dream to have a place where I can put all my stories and call it home.

I’m currently trying to crawl my way towards my juris doctor degree, but also, I love writing too much to just give it up. So here I am, still writing in between reading cases and thick law books.

Here in, I write stories, too, like in Wattpad. But here, you'll get the chance to read the chapters first—this is so cool esp when we're already on the exciting parts of the story because you wouldn't have to wait anymore. I'm usually at least 3 chapters ahead here.

I also, sometimes, write in between chapters—those that happened in between the stories between my characters. I think it's fun.

There are also life updates happening here.

But if you can't subscribe here, it's okay!! The chapters will become FREE 7 days after I post them. But if you prefer to read in Wattpad, it’s fine, too. I'll still post my stories in Wattpad so you can just wait until I'm done here and read those stuff for free there.

Again, THANK YOU. You have no idea how much you all mean to me x




Personal Questions

Name: Ariesa Domingo

Birthday: October 29

About Writing

When did I start writing?

I started writing when I was in third year high school. All my friends were always busy chatting about something and I was feeling left behind. One day, I finally got the courage to ask them about what they were talking about. They told me they were reading this story online. At that time, I had no idea that this whole online stories existed, so when I got home, I immediately searched the internet about this story. I could still remember that I was using dial up then lol. Anyway, I started reading the same story and I got hooked! I understood then why my friends were always talking about this story. But then I made the discovery that there were lots of other stories waiting to be read! So I signed up on this site called Creative Corner. I was reading this one story (fun fact, I'm good friends with the author now!) and the author was taking forever to update! My friend and I were dying out of curiosity to read more from this story when suddenly, she dared me to write my own story. I figured why not? I was a third year student who's bored most of the time. So I wrote the first chapter of my first ever story. I received a comment. That felt so good. I wrote more. And here I am now.

What’s my favorite work?

I like all the stories I wrote because I spent a lot of time thinking about them and actually writing them. To be completely honest, whatever I am writing at the moment is my favorite. I feel like if I don't like the story I am writing, I'd quickly lose interest and I wouldn't finish my story. So whatever I am writing, it is my favorite.

Published Books

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  • For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser
  • Good Girl Gone Bad
  • Seducing Drake Palma
  • Dating Alys Perez
  • How To Break-Up With The Bad Boy
  • How To Steal The Bad Boy
  • Just The Benefits
  • No One Will Know
  • Better Than Fiction
  • A Latte Like Love


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  • Drake Palma
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