Control The Game

(Game Series # 4)

Charisse Faith Viste believes in working hard. She does not believe in luck, only hard work. Bata pa lang siya, nasanay na siya na pinaghihirapan lahat ng meron siya. Being the only girl in a family full of guys, nasanay na siya na kung gusto niyang makuha, kailangan niyang pagtrabahuhan. And because of this, she grew up tough. She already accepted the fact that guys are just too intimidated to even give her a second glance. She’ll always be too smart, too confident, too much for everyone.

One day, she had this overwhelming feeling of sadness. She looked around and saw that everyone around her has someone by their side… Everyone has someone to embrace… Siya? Libro lang ang kayakap.

She used to be fine with the idea of being alone… alone, not lonely.

But not anymore.

She needed someone to stop her from feeling so lonely.


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