In Love With The Game

(Game Series # 2)

Aurora Marie Floresca just wanted to escape their house. Ever since her father re-married, palagi na silang nag-aaway dalawa. She wanted her father to be happy, of course, but not with that evil step-mother wannabe. Unang pagkikita pa lang nila, masama na ang kutob niya sa babae. She wanted happiness for her father, but definitely not with that woman…

But unfortunately, the witch won. She managed to get her father to throw Rory out. She was forced to stay in Manila for the meantime. She didn’t know what to do in Manila! Wala naman doon ang mga kaibigan niya. Wala siyang pamilya. The only consolation she got was the condo unit from her father–well, at least hindi naman yata gusto ng tatay niya na sa kalsada siya matulog.

She’d probably get a job or study again, she wasn’t sure yet, but she’s certain that everything would be fine… until she realized that her next door neighbor would be keeping her up all night with all the banging against the wall.




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