Zealously Yours

(Yours Series # 4)

Marian Eliana Nicolas just wanted to be left alone. She knew that she’s not exactly the kindest person-definitely not the first person who’d come into mind if you get in trouble. She knew she’s not likable. She made her peace with that. Gusto lang naman niyang magpinta at maka-graduate.

Until she met Felix Chase Viste, iyong intern ng kuya niyang doctor.

She was intrigued, to say the least. She almost thought that she was immune to catching feelings dahil sanay naman siyang maka-kita ng gwapo, pero wala naman siyang pakielam-until Chase. And because she doesn’t like the word regret, sinubukan niyang makipagkilala kay Chase. She thought she’d find something not to like, but she was dead wrong. She liked everything she learned about him. But she was tired of figuring out kung ano ba sila.

She wanted to ask what they were.

Pero handa ba siyang malaman?


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